My Condenser Dryer is not working. Has the machine been overloaded?  Check the lint filter, condenser and associated duct work are clean.  To clean the condenser, flush the fluff from between the plates under running water and carefully shake off excess water.  A shower is ideal for carrying out this task.  Whilst the condenser is removed, clean as much fluff as possible from inside the ducting by reaching a hand into the machine.  In particular, keep the passage from the fan clear (on the right hand side of the condenser duct).  Reset the cut-out at the rear of the machine by pressing the red button.  If the cut-out continues to operate after checking the above points you should contact the service agent.

What does a built-in vent kit mean on an electric tumble dryer?
Some air vented models are fitted with a built-in vent kit.  The vent hose telescopes in and out of the rear of the dryer when required.

I have purchased a tumble dryer with a built in vent kit but no vent hose has been supplied?
If you look towards the right hand base of the rear of the machine you will see a square white plastic assembly with a hole in the middle.  By pulling on the white plastic ribs which cross over the hole the vent hose will be released.

Where does the filter fit in the dryer?
When the door is opened a gap can be seen in the base of the opening between the drum and front panel.  The filter slots into this gap and should be cleaned after each drying cycle.

Where is the vent hose positioned on tumble dryers?
Dependant on the model, a vent hose may or may not be supplied with the machine.  Vent hoses are positioned near the bottom of the rear panel of the dryer and looking from the rear are towards the right hand side on the large air vented versions and the left hand side on the small air vented and gas versions.

Every few minutes the drum rotates on my tumble dryer after my clothes are dry.
A number of models are fitted with an anti-crease function which will rotate the drum every few minutes until the door is opened or the electric supply is turned off.